DK-MY Properties Sdn Bhd (DK-MY) is a member of the DK Group of Companies, founded and owned principally by Mr Danny Koek Tiang Kung in 1997. It is a property development company that was incorporated in June 2004. At DK-MY, we strongly emphasize “Quality and Speedy Delivery” of products, coupled with a group of experienced and qualified professionals; it is our motto to make sure all projects are managed effectively and efficiently.

DK-MY aim to offer products that meet the needs and expectations of consumers based on the latest lifestyle trends. At the same time, to always be in the forefront with innovations that set the standard for functional and value enhancing property products. DK-MY start with the development in the prime neighbourhood @ Bandar Sunway with a combined GDV of more than RM 3 Billion, the projects are located just a stone’s throw from the renowned and established Taylor University, at the vicinity of Sunway in Selangor.

Phase 1 of DK City @ Bandar Sunway, DK Senza launch in 2011 with a GDV of RM 300 million and sold within 6 months time. Phase 2 development, D’Latour launch in 2012 with a GDV of 800 million. Both phase were built without any bank financing and delivered on time.DK-MY is expanding portfolio out from Bandar Sunway, such as DK Impian in Shah Alam, D’Immersione in Dutamas, Palas in Jalan Ampang and more to come.

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Our projects have received overwhelming response from buyers due to their trust and faith on us in revolutionising the property industry landscape. We constantly push ourselves to discover innovations. With this mindset, we strongly have faith in our successful projects and certainly can and will be setting up the new standards of excellence.

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